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CBD Oils
At CBD Oracle we are committed to providing premium quality CBD oils at competitive prices. There are various options available from our flavoured ranges, to our specially formulated herbal mixes.

Oils are an effective way to consume CBD, A few drops is all it takes to ensure rapid delivery to the cannabinoid system in your body.

CBD oils are now gaining momentum in the health and wellness world. There is now some scientific evidence showing the relationship between CBD and chronic pain relief, along with assisting with symptoms of anxiety.
CBD Gummies
CBD Gummies are certainly the tastiest way to take your daily dose of CBD. CBD Oracle can provide several types of Gummies or sweets. All of our edible gummies are vegan approved and contain 0% THC.

When you order CBD Gummies or sweets from us; you are not just buying CBD, you are buying a premium product which has been sourced through extensive research to provide the end user with a superior experience.
CBD Tablets
Our Premium CBD tablets can provide you with a no hassle solution to taking CBD. Our tablets are both Vegan and Halal friendly. They will be provided to you in a tamper proof container. You can choose from a range of strengths and combinations to suit your needs.

Our CBD tablets have been carefully selected to ensure compliance within the UK supplements industry. Our manufacturers are fully ISO approved along with the award for good manufacturing practice.
CBD Muscle Care
Have you ever suffered from an injury or long term muscle pain? CBD muscle care products can be used pre or post workout or even to aid in the relief of prolonged chronic pains.

Our CBD muscle care products are available in both pump bottle creams, and harder muscle balm. These can be provided at various strengths. If the product your looking for isn't listed, please get in touch as we can provide special order products upon request.
  • Lab Tested
    Thanks to our 3rd party certificates of analysis. CBD Oracle are confident you will receive 100% satisfaction
  • Subscription Service
    Our state of the art subscription service allows your orders to be sent out automatically at your chosen frequency
  • Free Delivery £40+
    Free Delivery on all orders over £40, All orders under £40 will be charged at a nomial fee of £3.99
  • Manufacturing
    All of the Premium CBD Oracle products are manufactured to the highest possible standards
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